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At Learning Success Academy, we believe in the limitless potential of every child to learn and thrive. With the guidance of our certified Learning Success Coaches, children can fearlessly embrace their learning journey. Our coaches redefine learning through our proven NeuroGrowth holistic coaching methodology, offering an exceptional alternative to traditional tutoring and teaching in all subjects at all levels.

Meet the visionary behind it all, Kohila Sivas, who created the groundbreaking MathCodes Method™ and Meta-Learning DeStress Method™. These revolutionary systems are grounded in brain science and neurolinguistics and have evolved over 24 years of dedicated work with over 1600+ struggling students.

At Learning Success Academy, we don't just foster learning; we craft success stories and cultivate fearless lifelong learners.



Star Students provides stellar educational services to all students we come into contact with. Staff are certified and experienced teachers, with a minimum of a B.A., and ideally a B.Ed. With an individualized program for each child (or parent), it is never too great a challenge for Star Students to encourage a child (or parent) to reach their full potential, and to provide solid steps to getting them there.