Hello, I'm Jaci Finneman, creator of No-Problem Parenting™ and the host of

The No-Problem Parenting Podcast.

With over three decades of experience, my journey began as a Para-Professional in public schools, evolved into a 20-year Family Counselor, Self-Managed Teams and Family Based Services Coordinator for 80+ Staff in 32 MN Counties, and then all because of a Goldfinch and a song, in 2013 I transitioned into my current role as a Parent Coach and Founder of Hello World & No-Problem Parenting.

My passion lies in empowering parents to become the confident leaders our kids crave us to be.

Problems are meant to be dealt with and overcome, and my favorite thing to do is help parents turn their families problems into No-problem.


I launched the No Problem Parenting Podcast in April 2021 to share tips, tools, and resources on various parenting topics that parents can access wherever they live.

Tune in to Episode 32 to learn about how my  (at the time)       
8-year-old son unmistakably and matter-of-factly assured me it was my calling to leave the 20-year career, become a parenting coach and serve parents directly, to help them help their kids.
Wait for it...It's an "out of the mouths of babes" moment that taught me to pay attention to the signs God was putting in my path, stop controlling what isn't mine to control and just do it!

I have accumulated over 50,000 hours of experience
coaching (and previously counseling) parents and kids the past 30+ years and what I love about my current work is helping parents feel like the rock star parent they want to be!
My clients believe in themselves!

I Founded Hello World, LLC in 2013  with a Mission of Awakening Family Attachment. In 2018, I started to notice some common themes in what I was teaching all parents regardless of whether their child had a diagnosis or not, and a year later,

No-Problem Parenting was born in 2019.

My hubby Eric and I have been together over 30 years and call Central Minnesota home.

We are the grateful parents of a grown son, two Angel babies, and a loyal 8+ year old doodle.

What is parent coaching?

You’ve heard of life coaching and career coaching.  Enter parent coaching – a program dedicated to parents that offers alternative perspectives around family situations.  Parent coaching uncovers strategies to shift behavior and family dynamics. It helps single parents, couples, or a parent navigating a difficult divorce, achieve their parenting goals. I coach on how to survive and thrive the day-to-day behaviors that a resistant or withdrawn child might throw at you. I'll help you get to the root of the problems in your home and then teach you strategies for how to respond to your kids while improving your trusting relationships with them.

Parent coaching is not clinical therapy. It’s not designed to delve into complicated family dynamics of the past, or work through crisis. Clinical Therapists often refer their clients parents to Jaci for support while their child is in therapy.