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Become the Confident Leader Your Kids Crave You to Be!

Turn Behavior Problems into No-Problem!

Problems are meant to be dealt with and overcome.

Learn to give problems only as much attention as the problem deserves and how to look forward to your child's misbehavior.

No-Problem Parents are Confident and Energized!

Their kids: Trust them, confide in them, respect them, and develop high self-esteem.

No-Problem Parents Raise Confident, Capable Kids!


Parenting is fun and hard and no doubt there are LOTS of problems that come with raising kids. In fact, I guarantee you’ll have problems raising your kids! And guess what! That’s OK!

No-Problem Parents are prepared to turn any problem into a No-Problem and strengthen their relationship with their kiddo at the same time!

In this podcast, you will find down to earth, practical, fun, no-nonsense and even “bass-ackwards” tips and ideas for how to navigate this thing we call parenting. You’ll hear stories from other parents about how they got through their kiddo problems, learn about resources on a variety of parenting topics and increase your confidence as the leaders of your home!

Hugs and High Fives Parents! You Got This! No-Problem!

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  No-Problem Parenting:

Resources and Stories that Create Confidence and Connection

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No-Problem Parenting:

Raising Your Kiddos with More Confidence and Less Fear 


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  • No-Problem Parenting™

    I did not know I could be that creative.
    I found when I take six seconds to think about my reaction I come up with very fun ways to
    deal with what could have been problematic behavior.

    Also, we've become better at planning ahead to prevent conflict in the first place.

    - No Problem Parent ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    It’s sometimes hard to admit that you need “help” with your parenting.
    Jaci made us comfortable in sharing our struggles at home.
    We are high-achieving professionals and well-known in our community which made it difficult to reach out for help.
    The option for virtual meetings was perfect for us.
    Jaci eased our minds, in a matter of fact way, shared examples and stories of her own as well as other parents she's worked with which helped significantly. She truly cares about us and our kids and we're so glad we met her.

    She gave us our confidence back.

    - No Problem Parent of Two ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    My husband and I couldn't find the middle ground and we were constantly arguing over how to parent our kids.
    Jaci helped us notice each other more and the best of intentions we both have for our kids.
    We are now on the same page, encouraging each other and that alone has decreased the tantrums in our home.

    - No Problem Parent of Four ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    We honestly don’t struggle very much in the home.
    Our kids are very connected to us, but we needed to find a way for this behavior to transfer out of the home as well.

    We were able to learn how to communicate our child's needs to their teachers and Jaci showed us how to do that in a way that the professionals would hear us.

    - No Problem Parents of Special Needs Kids ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    I doubted the immediate impacts of little things like empathy or tone on how it really changes attitudes.
    Surprisingly, the small tweaks in how I responded to my kids made all the difference

    and they actually do what I ask them to do even when they don't want to and that is in part

    because I have changed my responses and don't get mad just because they get upset.

    - No Problem Parent ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    Wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Self-reflection isn’t much fun. No-Problem Parenting helped me see the roadblocks I was creating in my relationship with my kids.

    Jaci didn't sugar coat what I needed to hear and I appreciated her candor.

    I recommend to any dad that is tired of arguing and demanding respect.

    Jaci will show you how to get your kids to respect you, if you are willing to learn.

    - No Problem Dad of 3 ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    I really didn't know if anything could make things better in dealing with my child. It felt like I was stuck in this difficult situation forever.

    I learned how to parent without feeling sorry for my child and not personalize the behaviors when they are in fight or flight mode.

    Jaci taught me how to give the behaviors (ie problems) only as much attention as they deserve and that has been a game changer.

    - No Problem Parent ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    I really enjoy when you talk about certain situations other families you know have gone through. You explain what happened and how to try something different. I like hearing it in real life stories and how to apply our new tricks. I just find them really helpful, and it makes me feel united with other parents in our struggles and successes.

    - No Problem Parent ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    This course helped us get to the root of understanding why we were doing what we were doing and how to overcome the bad habits we were falling into.
    Parenting is by far the hardest thing we've ever had to do and not knowing exactly how to do it is a struggle in itself.

    This course has been so beneficial for us, helping us understand and respond to our kids more positively and helping us to become a united front and realizing how important that is for all of us!

    - No Problem Parent ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    The best thing after a long day of work and running kids to events was being able to attend our meetings online and in my robe (LOL). The wonderful information about the brain and strategies to help us parents pause before acting were super helpful for us.

    Our family is way less tense with each other and we laugh more than we used to. Jaci definitely eased the tension in our home.

    - No Problem Parent ,

  • No-Problem Parenting™

    I was curious about Jaci and her work so I took the online course even though I didn't "need" parenting help per say.
    I don't know if it is just a coincidence, but it doesn't seem like we have had nearly as many arguements at home.
    I feel like I already had a great relationship with my kids but I took Jaci's suggestions and have seen a difference in how much my kids trust me.

    This No-Problem Parenting works even if you don’t think you need it. Thanks, Jaci!

    - No Problem Parent ,