Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following information is presented in Q and A format to help you better understand what Parent Coaching is, and how it works. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact us for a free consultation. FREE CONSULTATION

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is a relationship between parent(s) and coach focused on helping you become the parent you want to be focusing on building a relationship with your child versus issuing a constant stream of consequences.  No-Problem Parenting™ coaching helps you Become the Confident Parent Your Kids Crave You to Be.  Whatever your parenting challenge or struggle is, we will help you and provide you additional resources to make sure you and your family receive specialize care.  You’ll be mentored without judgment and we walk alongside you as you gain a new perspective about parenting and realistic, new parenting skills.

Who does Parent Coaching help? Who is Parent Coaching For?

Parent Coaching can help any parent or caregiver; whether you're a couple, single parenting, adoptive parent or a parent navigating a difficult divorce.

How is Parent Coaching different from therapy?

Therapy is a relationship based on overcoming obstacles due to a diagnosed mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression. It delves into complicated family dynamics of the past and works through crisis. Therapy works with a medical plan to treat that diagnosis. Parent Coaching refers parents and children to therapeutic services and other resources as needed.

Parent Coaching is educational. Coaching can be very helpful for parents of children who have a medical or mental health diagnosis as the focus is on supporting the parent first.  Providing parents a safe, non-judgmental place to vent, scream, cry and be supported by someone who is empathetic and realistic, is what it takes to get parents feeling confident in themselves and ready to guide and lead their children (outside of the therapy or doctors office).

What do Parent Coaching sessions look like?

When you purchase a monthly package, your first session is typically a 1.5 hour parent coaching strategy session. We’ll discuss your family situation, some immediate action steps, as well as recommendations for coaching packages. All appointments afterward are 15 - 60 minutes and are conducted virtually or in person. You are required to have access to a camera via your cell phone or computer for virtual parent coaching sessions. Each session includes an update from you on your families up's and down's since our last meeting, progress on the new tools and responses learned from previous meeting and then suggestions and examples of what to do next.

What will I gain from parent coaching?

You will:

  • Understand the underlying cause of the unwanted behavior and how/why the brain triggers resistance or withdrawn behavior
  • Explore your own reaction to resistance and control and whatever else is getting in your way
  • Learn straightforward, tried-and-true strategies that will unravel your child’s resistance or withdrawn behavior
  • Become more confident in your parenting responses and decisions
  • Attend to your child with a focus on connection and respectful communication
  • Help your child build confidence and self-esteem so they learn how to handle tough situations
  • Build a stronger and happier relationship with your child and bring peace back into your home

Will my child be included in the coaching?

Sometimes, but not usually. Parent Coaching works best 1:1 without your child present. Remember, you are the expert on your child and I am there to support you. Occasionally home visits that include your child can be helpful. e.g., to assist with a tough conversation or to model an approach, technique or conversation.

As a Parent Coach, I can visit your school to observe your child anonymously, attend school meetings with you and consult with teachers on improving your child’s behavior. 

If your child is in need of therapy but doesn't want to go, I can support you and your child in understanding the benefits of therapy, how to get the most out of therapy, and/or help you find the right therapist.

How much does parenting coaching cost?

Typically between $50 - $300 per hour depending on the Parent Coach experience and/or certification.  Many coaches have discounted rates on packages.

How do I pay for parent coaching?

Most parent coaches offer online payments via credit or debit cards. You can pay as you go by the hour or you can purchase a parent coaching package which typically come with a discount.  Some parent coaching services are accepted by CADI waivers and grants.  Check with your local Children's Mental Health Family Services Division to inquire about financial parenting support.

Is there any coverage for Parent Coaching?

It is possible your HSA (Health Savings Account) will pay for parent coaching and some children's mental health service providers have funds set aside specifically for parenting support. Check with your local churches, county family and social services and community outreach programs.  Medical Insurance does not cover parent coaching unless it is provided by a Clinical Therapist who is providing clinical mental health services to you or your child specific to a mental health diagnosis. 

Who else might benefit from Parent Coaching?

 Teachers and daycare providers have completed the online parenting course as part of their continuing education. 

Any company that has employees with kids and whose employees are frequently leaving work to deal with school and family behaviors.  Meetings are typically held online which means the employee can remain at work in a private office for the meeting rather than leaving work for the appointment which causes extra PTO time due to travel.  Meeting virtually for parent coaching allows 2 parent homes to login from their individual workplaces but still meet together.   Some parents utilize their 15-30 minute paid break time to schedule with their parenting coach and problem solve a behavior or family situation with no additional time off from work. 

While we are not a part of an EAP, however businesses can take advantage of large group discount package prices. 

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