90 Minute Strategy Session (includes DIY Becoming a No Problem Parent Training)

Whether you are stuck on how to resolve a behavior challenge, think you’ve tried everything, or are unsure how to resolve a problem in your home, this 90-minute Strategy Session will give you the clarity you need to help you and your family!

These calls can provide all the support you need or be a great first step in determining your best next steps. If you decide to continue coaching, your Strategy call payment may be credited to the Advanced or VIP Package.


After purchasing this strategy session, you will receive a link to schedule the 90 Minute virtual strategy meeting with Jaci.  

I look forward to supporting you!

Below is a list of questions that are typically helpful to answer before or during the strategy call.  Answer all or just the questions that pertain to you.


What is the “Problem” that caused you to reach out for support:

Spouse/Partner/Other Parent/Guardian’s Name (if applicable):

Other Child(ren) - Ages Only:

Have you or your child(ren) worked with a counselor/therapist/coach?
If so, when/why?

What would you consider to be your strengths as a parent?

What would you consider to be your biggest challenges as a parent?

What would you say is your intended parenting philosophy/style? If there is more than one parent, would you say you and your co-parent agree with each other on your parenting philosophy?

From a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the strength of your current parent/child connection? (1=no connection at all and 10=very strong connection) If more than one parent answer separately.

Parent Coaching is not Therapy. What are the specific concerns or issues made you consider parent coaching rather than or in addition to therapy or other services your family has utilized?

What else would you like me to know about your child, yourself and/or your family?